Bell Witch – Monarch – Domkraft – Owlcrusher – Nest

Seattle doom metal duo, BELL WITCH, have confirmed a full European tour in support of their recently released opus, Mirror Reaper. The band will head over in mid-March for a six week run that will take in their already announced appearances at Roadburn Festival.

Released by Profound Lore in October, Mirror Reaper was engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson (Swans, Sleep, Neurosis), the duo of Dylan Desmond (bass, vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums, vocals, organ) have pushed the band’s sound further beyond their landmark 2015 LP, Four Phantoms offering up one continuous, eighty-three-minute piece unfolding as a single track. While retaining the colossal heaviness of their previous releases, Mirror Reaper sees the band explore the more meditative, melancholy, and introspective aspects to their sound through the introduction of long, lonely organ passages and the return of vocalist Erik Moggridge (Aerial Ruin), offering a prominent presence.

Alongside director, Taylor Bednarz, BELL WITCH has created a feature-length music video to accompany the album. The film is a video collage comprised of dozens of archival films. Each of these clips are woven together with the album to build a patient, heavy, and haunting narrative. The film aims to hold the viewer in the state of a lucid dream, feeling trapped as a specter drifting through places of darkness. Mirror Reaper will be a projection for the band’s live performances, as well as a standalone cinematic experience.

Since 2002, MONARCH have been France’s most recognized and active extreme doom metal band, through countless touring all over the world (which has recently included multiple tours of Japan within the last few years) and delivering a myriad of releases on multiple respected labels of some of the most punishing amplifier worship that has befallen doom metal alongside the likes of such like-minded bands as Corrupted, Noothgrush, Burning Witch, and Khanate. This has earned them the reputation as one of the most recognized and respected underground extreme doom metal bands in the scene today.

Spawned originally under the moniker DWELL IN SUN in 2008, Northern Ireland’s OWLCRUSHER have become a harrowing experience to behold. A claustrophobic pulsating storm of punishing riffs, relentless drums, and deranged demonic vocals coalesce on their self-titled debut in 43 minutes of low-end hate-filled and depressive blackened sludge.

With their 2016 full-length debut The End of Electricity, released on US label Magnetic Eye records, Stockholm three-piece DOMKRAFT made quite an impact on the international doom/sludge scene. Their spacious yet crushing mix of grinding riffs, syrupy warmth and blistering power have taken them to Desertfest Berlin, Psycho Las Vegas and Blowup in Helsinki and has established them as one of the most interesting new names in heavy music.

Doom from Stockholm. Self titled debut LP out on Tribunal of the Axe Records.

“Nest vomit out some primitive, economical sludge doom that will eat through your flesh and bones and turn you into a puddle of happy jelly on the cold, concrete floor” -DoomMetalHeaven