Lady Lamb

Lazy Octopus & Hus 7 presenterar:
Lady Lamb (US)

Support: Tōth

21 februari, Hus 7

Lady Lamb – a.k.a Aly Spaltro – skapar en charmig och fantasifull blandning av folk, pop och indierock. Släppte i april 2019 det hyllade albumet ’Even In The Tremor’ och kommer nu till Europa för första gången. Missa inte på Hus 7 den 21 feb!

“With her thoroughly detailed accounts of everyday life, Spaltro offers the comforting affirmation that complicated, hard-to-identify feelings aren’t so strange after all. Her songs, stuffed with information and emotion, act as an extended reminder to appreciate the gentler things the world has to offer—proof that even in the tremors of everyday life at its most confusing, kindness, calm, and empathy still have ample room to grow.” – Pitchfork