Shaam Larein + Demon Head + Slægt


Shaam is originally from Stockholm with blood streaming from the Middle East. She has spent the last year in Copenhagen where the band has recorded the new album. She made her stage debut supporting Jex Thoth at Slaktkyrkan in 2018 and released her first record Sculpture the year after. The band’s presence on stage turns the show into a theater and it has given her the name Queen of the dark. The music does not fit a genre, but it runs on the same frequencies as Dead Can Dance, PJ Harvey, Diamanda Galas, and Nick Cave.



Slaegt have cemented their place as one of the most important and exciting metal bands to come out of their native scene in recent years. Defying the DNA blueprint of traditional Scandinavian black metal, instead forging their own lineage anew from the roots of their predecessors. With a vicious and at times unpredictable live show, Slaegt have created something truly unique.Beginning as a one-man black metal project in 2011, the band grew into a group and developed a signature sound of their own, combining well-known styles with influences from beyond the sphere of hard rock and heavy metal. With eight releases to their name, over 150 concerts under their belt, three European tours alongside acts such as Vene-num, Taphos, and Maggot Heart, and appearances at major festivals (including Copen-hell, Party San, and Roskilde) they have built a strong following and achieved critical acclaim both at home and internationally.“Amalgamation leads to the redefinition of genres. At our core, we draw from a wide range of genres, styles, and time periods and we combine them in a way that speaks to us deeply. We have many shades on our palette, both light, and dark. These are, as in life, interwoven and become ever-changing constants.” – SlaegtRelying on composition and raw power to expose immense, authentic energy, Slaegt continues to push their evolution further by laying down deep roots of their own..



Demon Head is the long-lasting constellation of five internationally based and widely acclaimed musicians; Mikkel Fuglsang, Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen, Marcus Ferreira Larsen, Thor Gjerlufsen Nielsen, and Jeppe Wittus. Though hesitant to compromise the description of the music they perform through generalizing terms of genre, they’ve coined the term ‘Diabolic Rock’ as an appropriate presentation. It is important to pay attention to the journey from ‘Ride The Wilderness’(2015), a juvenile and hungry adventure exploring the boundless courage of classic rock music, onto ‘Thunder on the Fields’ (2017) turning their inspirations further towards the strange and sinister purposes of life, a tendency followed and completed on ‘Hellfire Ocean Void’ (2019), with it’s gothic and nothing but otherworldly songwriting and production. Demon Head is recognized for their uncompromising and independent practice, having written, recorded, produced, mixed, filmed, photographed, drawn, printed, chauffeured, practiced every second and every cell of the body that is Demon Head, leaving their development and growth as an organism completely free from the restraints of capitalism. What is left is a vessel, containing every possibility of collectivity, courage, rebellion, daydreaming, friendship, faint hope, clenched fists, and opened hearts. Released on January 29th, 2021 via Metal Blade Records, ‘Viscera’ is a new beginning. Recorded during the first months of 2020 between the legendary Sweet Silence Studios by Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Merciful Fate, Rainbow, etc.) and a remote country house in Sweden, while the mixing was done by Martin ‘Konie’ Ehrencrona (In Solitude, Tribulation, Nifelheim). The production shows the impeccable qualities of joined forces and manages to translate the intensity of the quintet’s live performances into carefully crafted studio productions, where acoustic instruments, flourishing mellotron strings, brass instruments, tape manipulation, cryptic guitar compositions, eerie vocal harmonies and pipe organ are displayed in equal measure to their already established attributions as a rock band. Since the beginning DEMON HEAD has been touring extensively throughout Europe on their own behalf or together with acts such as COVEN, MAGNA CARTA CARTEL, SLÆGT, ULTRA SILVAM, NIGHT, ILL WICKER and played at festivals like COPENHELL,VOIDFEST and MUSKEL ROCK. They’ve been featured in magazines METAL HAMMER, DEAF FOREVER, CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE, METALIZED, SWEDEN ROCK among many others.