Boy Harsher + Chasms

Dark Park presents:

Boy Harsher
Boy Harsher began as an urgent need to produce and consume. In the winter of 2014, Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller started to experiment with sound, video, and text. The advent of Boy Harsher! Born out of this tumultuous relationship in swampy Georgia, their first EP Lesser Manis sexy as it is sulking. Lesser Mandetermined their morose, pop sound. In their second album, the full length Yr Body is Nothing, Matthews and Muller took that dark and ran with it. Both releases reflect the fervor present in their adolescent lust and anger.
Boy Harsher emphasizes emotive sounds and evocative narratives to generate palpable material in their latest release Careful. Careful is a timeless and original minimal synth record highlighted by a strong narrative andmarks the definitive return of the enigmatic duo.

Formed in 2011 in San Fransisco, Chasms crafts ethereal, percussive dirges that are sparse in arrangement and potent with emotion. Comprised of producer, vocalist, and guitarist Jess Labrador and bassist Shannon Madden, the duo layers meditative guitars and electronic drum samples with Labrador’s entrancing soprano to create an otherworldly sound.

The band released the dub-laced LP titled ’The Mirage’ on the Felte label February, 2019.

24 november at Hus 7
Tickets available from Monday 17/6 at 10:00