EURO PRIDE Stockholm 2018

Welcome to EURO PRIDE in Stockholm and BUTCHERS CHRUCH!

In the midst of the Pride celebrations in Stockholm we’re pulling off a house party for the danceaholichs of Venice of the North.

From one of the biggest London DJ groups: TO BE ANNOUNCED August 1st!!
This treat will definitely raise the roof!!

Birmingham based super DJ SHARON O LOVE is delighting us with her music. Uplifting hi-energy, inspiring progressive house with a hint of tribal.

Introducing Swedens newest House Diva: SHIRLEY CLAMP!! Known from the Schalger scene, we’re rebranding her and bringing her to the world of House Music!

In a mixed genre outdoors dance floor DJ DR BEAT (aka David Amberton) (Radikal & gay vip-room Wonderbar) is back in the DJ booth. Gay, sleaze and trash in a dystopian decadence dance-off.
With his disco inferno mania.: DJ CHRISTER BROMAN! A spectacle for your party senses..

DJ duo STAFFAN LINDBERG (Polari, Dolly) & PJOTR (Polari, Red Curls) are back! This tech-house loving pair is playing together again and will wow us with their symbiosis of delightful house music!

Come Love Dance, and commit to your sins!