Katastrofë presents queer afrobeat night with Kampire from Uganda.

Kampire (Nyege Nyege, Uganda)
Ilja Karilampi (Klara Radio) & Michael Dangerous (Off The Meds)
DJ Masaya
Tangela Live
Visuals: Martin Onassis (PLX)

Queer afrobeat night with Kampire from Uganda!

The Ugandan DJ and writer Kampire is one of the artists who have recently put this often forgotten African country on the international music map. Originally from the capital, Kampala, Kampire is part of the Nyege Nyege Tapes collective, one of the most exciting and interesting labels to emerge in 2017. Nyege Nyege organize festivals and hold parties in clubs like Tilapi, where you can hear the most dynamic and open minded music in the East African region. Their activity is contributing to the change in out-dated ideas of a generally very conservative country, which is still governed by laws from the colonial era. In this context, Kampire stands out and is an extremely sought-after DJ on the continent, performing at festivals in Burkina Faso and the Democratic Republic of Congo. From the DJ booth she imparts an array of exquisite sounds ranging from African tinged electro to booty dance and tropical bass. She is also very conscious of the plight of women in Africa, an issue on which she writes about though various journalistic and literary sources.

27 okt
120 SEK